National Archaeological Museum of Venice

Safety and behavior

Museum etiquette


Museum attendants are responsible for the safety and the security  of  artworks and visitors. Their indications and prescriptions must therefore be carefully followed. In the event of inadequate behaviour, the staff will have the right to remove from the museum whoever is responsible for such behaviour, while the Management  reserves the right to undertake appropriate initiatives and measures.

In the event of an alarm, visitors are required to strictly follow the instructions of the museum operators. If the evacuation of the building is ordered, it is necessary to proceed in a disciplined and orderly manner, respecting the directives of the staff. In the event of a large turn-out and in any situation that could compromise the safety of people or property, access can be temporarily prohibited or any necessary measures, imposed by circumstances, can be adopted to ensure the safety of people or things.


For reasons of hygiene and safety of the artworks and spaces, it is not possible to eat or drink in the exhibition halls and in areas where this is not expressly provided.

Video shooting and flash photography and the use of tripods and selfie sticks are not allowed. Low-resolution, non-profit photographic shots which do not involve any physical contact with the works are allowed.

In the exhibition halls, please mute the ringtone and audio of cell phones and other mobile devices. The use of the devices must be discreet so as not to disturb the visit.

Bulky bags, backpacks, umbrellas, and any other objects that, in the opinion of the security staff, cannot be introduced into the exhibition routes, must be left in the spaces provided for this purpose. The deposit is free.

In museums it is forbidden to smoke and use electronic cigarettes.

We would like to inform our public that it is strongly recommended to wear FFP2 or surgical face mask.

Everyday 10 am – 5 pm (except January 1st and December 25th)

17, St. Mark Square, Venice Italy
Entrance from the Museo Correr